What We Do

Learn about The Center's Roundtable

The Center’s Roundtable provides resources, instruction, and support for Ministry Peer Learning and Support Groups.

It takes less than 20 minutes for someone to prepare to lead a successful “Peer Learning Group for Ministers” experience. There is no homework and the participants have a great gathering that leads to community, personal development and innovative insight into dealing with the issues that all ministers face. Paul Tripp is known for saying that, “Christian Development is a Community Project.”

3 Major Components:

  • Koinonia Connection…Building Community
  • Professional Development…Excellent videos, essays and articles with outlines and discussion launching questions are provided.
  • KANI (Keep Awake Night Issues)…Dealing with Issues in a Positive Manner. Materials and instructions are provided to conduct this powerful, vitality-sustaining process.

These components are described elsewhere in the website. The important thing to understand is that all of the materials needed to successfully lead The Center’s Roundtable are available from the website. Membership provides access to these resources and support for hosting a Roundtable.